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Eine Auswahl aus unserem Repertoire:

I Don’t Need No Doctor

John Scofield

Lowdown In The Street

ZZ Top

Lie To Me

Johnny Lang

My Heart Beat Like A Hammer

Fleetwood Mac

Diamonds And Gold

Kenny Wayne Shepherd

Mary Had A Little Lamb

Stevie Ray Vaughan


ZZ Top

Sweet Goddess Of Love And Beer

Popa Chubby

Low Down And Dirty

Popa Chubby

Need Your Love So Bad

Fleetwood Mac

Walking By Myself

Gary Moore

The House Is Rockin’

Stevie Ray Vaughan

Hot Legs

Rod Stewart

Moving On

Gary Moore


Stevie Ray Vaughan

Hey Hey

Eric Clapton

So Alone

Lance Lopez

Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City

Supersonic Blues Machine

Shake Your Moneymaker

Fleetwood Mac

How Beautiful

Jessy Martens

Junior’s Wailing


Folsom Prison Blues

The Bihlman Bros.

We Wish You Well


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